Ragz Nordset - Little Stings - EP (Digital Reissue)

Mellowtone Records is delighted to re-issue Ragz Nordset’s ‘Little Stings’ EP, originally released in early 2008.  

Nordset’s chilling, emotive and dark sound is steeped in the mystery and folklore of her native Norway.   Originally hailing from a tiny, forest-surrounded town in the south east of the country, Ragz first came to Liverpool to study music, yet quickly realised that she’d rather be writing or gigging than inside reciting. 

Weaving intricate piano and guitar, poetic lyricism, and her unique, emotive vocal - the result was this collection of songs: ‘Little Stings’.

The EP was recorded in 2006 at Liverpool’s iconic Parr Street Studios, and was released to coincide with her inaugural nationwide UK tour, back in January 2008.  The original run of CDs sold out many years ago, and from 26th March 2021 ‘Little Stings’ will finally be available via streaming platforms.





"To say Ragz has a great voice is an understatement... a combination of soul power and gentle sweetness filtered through her emotional transparency."
Bido Lito!


"Ragz has a voice that will astound, thrill and amaze you"
At the Barrier

"Nordic Siren with an enchanting voice and haunting melodies"
Liverpool SoundCity

"Catastrophically beautiful"

"Baring her soul through beautifully crafted songs delivered with such a powerful and evocative voice, Ragz is always special, tonight she is spellbindingly magnificent"
The Fly

"unguarded nature is the essence of Ragz' lyricism”
Bido Lito!