Nick Ellis - Daylight Ghosts - Vinyl Album

Do you believe in Daylight Ghosts?

Mellowtone Records presents the debut album by Nick Ellis ‘Daylight Ghosts’. It is available to buy now on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl from a limited edition of 500 worldwide. 

Following the triumphant EP ‘Grace & Danger’ Ellis now presents the final piece in the puzzle: “...This music, these stories, have lived themselves into songs. Some are like discarded photographs, found upon the floor. Some, like a strange encounter with a strange old face. Others, like those forgotten people who appear from out of nowhere and go straight back into it. Like Ghosts. Daylight Ghosts...”

The subjects are often specific to the Liverpool streets where Ellis resides, but the message is universal. The tales and escapades are a microcosm of society as it shifts and as it stands. The world is changing, evolving, for better or for worse. And so it is now, more than ever, that we need visionaries like Ellis to come to the fore.

Nick Ellis is an artist for the 21st century. Ignore daylight ghosts at your peril.

“...Between the latent and the living, lie the great unloved...”
An unidentified memorial epitaph, Flaybrick Hill Cemetery


Daylight Ghosts
180-gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP
From a limited edition of 500 worldwide
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Whispering Bob Harris, BBC 2

Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music

"Whatever accolades Ellis receives in the future; they will be thoroughly and richly deserved!"
Liverpool Acoustic

"It’s the way he changes the spirit of a room when he picks up his guitar and sings his songs that really moves you"
Alan O'Hare, Liverpool Etc 

"The subtle craft of menace hangs underneath each wonderfully played out song" 
Ian D Hall, Liverpool Sound & Vision

"His guitar style stands out as much as the songwriting"
Dave Monks, BBC Introducing, Radio Merseyside

“Nick Ellis carries the song above and beyond the traditional, propelling it into the realms of a psyche soundscape"
Bido Lito

"One of Liverpool's finest"
Peter Guy, Get Into This

"Hauntingly captivating, Nick Ellis has the gift many could only dream of"
Lauren Jones, The Music Manual 


1.    The Grand Illusion
2.    Hanging Around
3.    Carillon
4.    My Old Flame
5.    Dance Of The Cat
6.    In The Park

7.    A Walk Through The City
8.    Lovers In July
9.    Good Morning Mr Hirons
10.    The Early Morning News
11.    St. David's Day
12.    Raise The Arc


Nick Ellis - Daylight Ghosts - The Debut Album

Whilst difficult to pigeon-hole, Ellis’s timeless music has been described as “A conversation between Elvis Costello and John Martyn” and most recently as "Liverpool's answer to Michael Chapman"; an especially apt comparison as he will open for Chapman at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic later this year, as part of a short national tour.

Throughout ‘Daylight Ghosts’ Ellis chronicles tales of the lost, the lonely and the alienated of the modern world; elevating and immortalising the seemingly mundane into something deeper, something beautiful, something with meaning and mystery. Amongst streetscape vignettes and neo-psych-folk instrumental interludes, we are introduced to a host of characters; some of these you might like to share an afternoon with in the park, whilst there are others you may be better off avoiding altogether.

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Release Date: 12th November 2016
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