Mellowtone: Ten Years - CD Compilation

18 track compilation celebrating the first ten years of the Mellowtone clubnight; a nomadic journey of gigs, parties and quietly creating a stir.

To mark this milestone, we put together a compilation featuring some of Liverpool's finest songwriters and roots musicians from the last ten years – all are artists that have graced our stage at some time or other. Our aim is to shine a light on some of the music from the lifetime of Mellowtone - albeit the tip of a rather large iceberg.


Limited Edition Digipak CD
With "Mellowtone Quercus" - screenprinted poster by Michael Snowdon, The Microcosm
With commemorative anniversary booklet



1. Dead Cities - This Killer Wave 
2. John Smith - Winter 
3. Nick Ellis - St. David's Day 
4. Edgar "Jones" Jones - Do Doh Dontcha Doh
5. Hannah Peel - The Almond Tree
6. SJ Downes - Walk Right In 
7. The Prelude - Black, Black
8. Ragz - Run 
9. Paul Straws - Notes From A Lifetime Ago 
10. Cousin Jac - Kitty Armstrong 
11. Natalie McCool - Dust & Coal (Baltic Session) 
12. Neil Campbell - Night Sketch 7 
13. Dave O'Grady - Whiskey 
14. Dave Owen - Billy 
15. Mike Badger & The Shady Trio - Jump Back Down Up Around 
16. Atlantic Massey - Time For Fishing
17. Jeff Jepson - More Than a Favour
18. Andy Steele - Night Fishing 


"Soundtracks not only their alumni, but a rather pleasant evening in"
Bido Lito

"Liverpool Music Cornerstone"
Get Into This

"The happy memories of what has been come flooding back and the joy it brings is unsurpassable"
Liverpool Sound and Vision



Mellowtone Records relases playlist on Spotify here,featuring some of the tracks from 'Ten Years'.