Posted on 5th December 2019

Prints from the 'Mellowtone 15' Exhibition are available online now.


Prints from the 'Mellowtone 15' Exhibition are available online now.

'Mellowtone 15' is an exhibition of fifteen original screenprints featuring artwork by fifteen different artists, that originally apeared on Mellowtone posters and flyers. 

Print specifications:
A3 hand pulled screenrpints on paper
Limited editions of 15. 
Hand stamped and numbered in pencil.
£15 each.
50% of proceeds will be donated to local charities.

The exhibition runs at Buyers Club, 24 Hardman Street, Liverpool, until January 2020. Free Entry.

Untitled, 2018, by Andrew Berry

Untitled, circa 2006, by Charles WIlliams

Hollywood, circa 2005, by Danny Allison

11pm Lids, circa 2015, by Ambber Badger

Scorched Limbs, 2017, by Sketch Stance

See You On The Pyramid, 2015, by Jack Ehlen,

Untitled, circa 2013, by Laura Kate Draws.

Unplugged Untitled, 2015, by That Girl

Lennon Guitar, circa 2007, by Mak.Ink

The War Of The Worlds, 2016, by Josh Worral / Iouka

A Mellow Man Grooves in a Grove for Mellowtone, 2017, by Toucan Tango

Moon Phase, 2017, by Eimear Kavanagh

Mellowtone Melsplosion, circa 2007, by Paul Donnelly

Advanced Class, 2016, by Thomas James Butler

Mellowtone Quercus, circa 2008, by Michael Snowdon