Seafoam Green - Topanga Mansion - Album

Mellowtone Records is delighted to introduce the soulful psych-folk of Seafoam Green. Following years of solo tours and honing his craft on both sides of the Atlantic, now Dave O’Grady steps out the shadows to take his rightful place at the centre of the stage.

The genesis of Seafoam Green followed a chance meeting with Rich Robinson during recording sessions in Nashville. O’Grady was invited by Robinson to open his US and European tour dates and soon the pair began writing and recording in earnest, leading to their collaboration on the stunning debut album 'Topanga Mansion’.


Topanga Mansion
Double vinyl with gatefold
Limited edition of 500 worldwide


Topanga Mansion
Special Edition CD limited to 500 worldwide
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"We made an interesting, lush, authentic record in a great studio with some great players. It's definitely worth checking out."
Rich Robinson

“Gutsy Americana with a heart of gold”
Clash Magazine

“Dulcet swampiness… Worth watching out for”
Classic Rock Magazine

“A good spoonful of soul and a little gospel... Something you cant help but love”
Listen With Monger

“I left with a warm feeling of bliss and a new found love”
LS Radio Music

“The melodies filled the room as people were held captivate by the music... Straight out of the history of great American folk.”
Get Into This

“Seafoam Green have delivered one stunning rock piece here with all the flavour and vibes”
Beehive Candy

“"O'Grady is coming out of the shadows with a quality of songwriting and music that will no doubt place him at the top UK's Americana, Folk & Indie scene."
Flick of The Finger

“Extravagant beautiful musical décor.”
The Daily Country

"A stunning debut"
Highway 81 Revisited, New York

"If you love John Fogerty & Creedence, you will love this!”
Anthony Barnes, 979FM Australia

Marthijn De Wit, RTV NOF, Holland

"A man bestowed with natural talent ... O’Grady has the women swooning and the men jealous"
Bido Lito Magazine

“A hidden treasure”
High Voltage Magazine

"He has an irresistible tone to his voice that comes across as emotional, haunting, pleading & bitter-sweet"
I Review Rock


1. Celtic Wanderings
2. Down The River
3. Home
4. Petty Tyrants
5. Sister
6. Runaway
7. Lowly Lou
8. Royal Call
9. Far From Golden
10. No Wasted Words